Ireland- Nepal Chamber of Commerce


  • Develop and strengthen economic, commercial and trade interactions between Nepal and Ireland on mutually beneficial basis.

  • Act as an effective and reliable mediator who will disseminate up to date and pertinent information and undertake various promotional activities to publicize economic and business opportunities in Nepal and vice-versa.

  • Utilize diverse skills, expertise, experiences of the members in harnessing human and natural resources for the mutual advantage of Nepal and Ireland.


  • Introduce new technology, new innovation for improving competence of member business establishments and also for increasing quality standards of products and services.

  • Conduct related workshop / seminars on a regular basis.

  • Arrange business delegation to Ireland / from Ireland.


  • To honor the personality and association/institution rendering distinguished contribution in the link between Ireland and Nepal.

  • To collect and publish publishable materials including books and journals in order to regularly inform various activities of industry and commerce sector to be exchanged between Nepal and Ireland.

  • To acquire membership of national, international and regional associations/ institutions having similar objectives and render own membership to them. To maintain contacts, increase understandings, provide cooperation and exchange experiences and views with them.